Kappo is now Open!
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Hihou Opening Hours

Christmas and New Year Trading

Afternoon Tea
Last Saturday of every month 2-5pm- $35

Monday to Saturday 5pm-1am
Hihou New Years Eve 2014

Hihou Set menu $60
including some of Hihou Classic dishes like Spicy tune cigar,
buckwheat crepes, hihou dog and more...
Bookings required.

Tuesday 23rd Dec - OPEN
Wednesday 24th Dec - CLOSED
Thursday 25th Dec - CLOSED
Friday 26th Dec - OPEN
Saturday 27th Dec - OPEN
Sunday 28th Dec - CLOSED
Monday 29th Dec - OPEN
Tuesday 30th Dec - OPEN
Wednesday 31st Dec - OPEN
Thursday 1st Jan - CLOSED
Friday 2nd Jan onwards - OPEN AS USUAL