Hihou Evening Menu (V) – can be vegetarian



Sansho pepper edamame                                                                            5

Vegetable pickles                                                                                          5

Sweet potato, parsnip and lotus root chips, nori and shichimi         5              



Oysters ‘Royal Miyagi’ – freshly shucked/cooked               each   5

‘Cuban’ spicy tuna cigar                                                      each  5

Scampi (raw), cucumber, caviar and black rice temaki roll          (V) ea. 9.5

Coffee cured salmon sashimi, cucumber, wakame and kimizu     17

King fish ceviche, yuzu daikon, lemon balm                                18


The one and only

Hihou dog

 sesame brioche, arabiki’ pork sausage, pickles & sauces (V)      12



Steamed vegetarian gyoza, ponzu ( 5 per serve )                           15

Tofu& shiitake mushroom rice puff tempura (3 per serve)                14

Fried potato and sweet potatoes, tamari caramel                         11




Warm seasonal vegetables ‘age-dashi’ style                                  11

Minced lobster & shiitake mushroom, rice puff tempura  (3)                       18

Paradise prawns, seasonal vegetables, nori bagna cauda                       23

Buckwheat crepes – braised pork neck, bamboo shoot& leek (V)            23



Seared tuna ‘arare-age’, spring onion sauce, leek, capsicum      31

Grilled Wagyu rump cap, shallot, baby corn and carrot                 36

Roasted duck breast with miso & leek, shiitake mushroom, kale    33

             Steamed rice             3                      Steamed greens         8         


Warm yuzu tofu cake, white chocolate sauce                                 12

Chocolate shochu brulee                                                                  12

Brawn sugar donuts                4         

Marshmallow                          4

Sesame cheese cake                        4   

Cheese with lavoche, Apple                                    

(Ossau Iraty, Herve Mons Roquefort, Brillat Savarin)

1 x cheese 12              3 x cheeses     30


Hihou set course – 5 courses 

55 with matched drinks 95

Vegetarian option available


‘Cuban’ spicy tuna cigar

Mini Cocktail


Coffee cured salmon sashimi, cucumber, wakame and kimizu

2013 Koehler Ruprecht, Kabinett Trocken Riesling, Pfalz,


Minced lobster, tofu & shiitake mushroom, rice puff tempura

Chikusen Omachi Junmai Ginjo, Hyogo


Hihou dog – sesame brioche, ‘arabiki’ pork sausage, & sauces

Orion Lager, Okinawa


Roasted duck breast with miso & leek, shiitake mushroom, kale

Pickles and steamed rice

2015 Denton ‘Shed Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Vic